Astronomical imaging with Linux

Capture software

Update March 2018

Current release

Nicola Mackin FRAS has been developing new Linux capture software since June 2016. The software is called AstroDMx Capture for Linux.

The software can be downloaded at

Splash screen of AstroDMx Capture for Linux

I have been working on testing and some algorithms, while Nicola has done all of the coding. Below is an 8 panel high resolution mosaic of the Moon captured with AstroDMx Capture for Linux.

Everything has been captured under Mint Linux. The lunar images were captured as 1000-frame SER files at 1280 x 960 resolution using a ZWO ASI120 MC camera. The capture was in 8 bit RAW and was debayered on the fly by AstroDMx Capture for Linux.

The SER files were stacked (80% best images) in Autostakkert! 2.6 running in Wine. The resulting images were wavelet processed in Registax 5.1 in Wine and the 8 resulting images were stitched using Microsoft ICE running in Wine. The final mosaic was post-processed in the Gimp 2.9 running natively under Linux. The image is shown full size below.

63%, waxing, gibbous Moon

Below are a sample of images captured by AstroDMx Capture for Linux, using DMK, DFK and ZWO ASI120 MC and MM cameras.

Screenshot of AstroDMx Capture for Linux

Screenshot of AstroDMx Capture for Linux

with a ZWO ASI120 MC

M13 with ZWO ASI120 MC

M17, the Swan nebula with a ZWO ASI120 MC

LRGB image of M57 with a DMK 21AU04.AS camera with AstroDMx Capture for Linux controlling the ZWO motorised filter wheel. The scope was an 8" SCT with an 0.6 focal reducer.

LRGB image

Jupiter with a ZWO ASI120 MC

Jupiter captured with a tracked ROI by AstroDMx
        Capture for Linux with a ZWO ASI120 MC

Release of AstroDMx Capture for Linux has full support for:

Astronomy cameras
QHY 5L-II-M (USB2.0, 12 bit ADC)
QHY 5L-II-C  (USB2.0, 12 bit ADC)
DMK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
DFK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
DBK 21AU04.AS (8 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MC (USB2.0, 12 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MC-S (USB3.0, 12 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI120MM-S (USB3.0, 12 bit ADC)
ZWO ASI178MC (USB3.0, 14 bit ADC)
SVBONY T7 W2568A High-speed camera (USB2.0, 12 bit ADC)
Bresser MicrOcular Full HD Digital Camera (8 bit ADC)
SVBONY ZV105 HD Digital eyepiece (8 bit ADC)
Orion Starshoot Solar System Color Imager IV (USB2.0, 8 bit ADC)
Altair (Orion Starshoot) USB eyepiece (USB2.0, 8 bit ADC)

USB cameras
ELP 1.3Mp CMOS board-level HD USB camera (8 bit ADC)
Lucky Zoom 5Mp microscope USB CMOS camera (8 bit ADC)
Vimicro USB2.0 UVC PC camera (e.g. Maplin USB2.0 Microscope) (8 bit ADC)

USB Capture cards
UVC capture card (Motion-JPEG only) (8 bit ADC)
EasyCAP (Motion-JPEG only) (8 bit ADC)

USB webcams
Sweex WC066 HD webcam (8 bit ADC)
Sweex WC070 ViewPlus (8 bit ADC)
Sweex WC035V2 VGA webcam (8 bit ADC)
Philips SPC900NC including SPC800 and Philips 740 flashed to SPC900NC (8 bit ADC)
Philips 690 Vesta Pro Webcam (8 bit ADC)
Logitech HD C525 (8 bit ADC)
Microsoft LIFECAM 2 (8 bit ADC)
Creative Webcam Live (8 bit ADC) Bayer output only.

All Video 4 Linux cameras.

Nicola Mackin FRAS & Steve Wainwright FRAS